About Erin Scanlon

what you focus on grows

Erin combines her technical communication background with her intuitive empowerment coaching expertise. She is passionate about the power of integrating personal and professional wisdom. Her unique style elevates individuals, teams and organizations to reach their full potential success.  

Digital Experience Consultant

For 20 years she has been bridging the technical world with communications, managing systems and process infrastructure to provide engaging business and communication platforms. She has expertise in change management, integrations, operational efficiencies, recognizing business needs and providing technical guidance and powerhouse solutions. 

Intuitive Empowerment Coach

Erin is a Reiki Intuitive Master, life coach, energy expander, yoga teacher and fitness trainer. She is passionate about life-long learning and believes when we integrate our mind, body, emotions and spirit we harmonize to create limitless results. She will teach you how to align to your truth by coaching yourself to achieve an intentional and purpose-centered life.