Shared Connections

I am grateful and proud to have an amazing network. I value them and the services they provide. I believe in uniting the right people with each other.  This section is dedicated to broadening and deepening your connections. 

Briane Agostinelli

Briane empowers individuals, teams and organizations to live and lead an inspired life through multiple experiences including Reiki, coaching, mentoring, consulting, training and events.

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Wendy Borne

Wendy, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Medium and founder of Visions Reiki and Soul Spa,  has spent the greater part of two decades forming and strengthening her connection with Reiki. She channels Reiki healing, Reiki's teachings and Reiki wisdom for those who seek clarity, want to improve their life experience, or desire a greater understanding of the influences of energy, energy healing and our connection to the Great Divine. Wendy is a seeker of Higher Truth. Her passion and her purpose are to empower other seekers to align with their Divine Brilliance and be the absolute best version of themselves. Wendy offers Reiki Healing sessions, Reiki training workshops, Guided Meditations and Intuitive Development training at Visions Reiki and Soul Spa. 

Contact Information: | 724-745-1785

Nikki Davison

Blue Ripple Blends

Nikki is the founder of Blue Ripple Blends. She is a veteran with a Master's degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and a certified Aromatherapist. She provides yoga instruction, Reiki services, spiritual support and aromatherapy. Her experiences, knowledge and compassion allow her to use the right methods to blend the right vibes into your life.

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Carrie Frasier Roethe

Frasier Solutions

Delivering integrated narratives that attract audience attention, cut through complexities and connect with readers on multiple levels, Frasier Solutions offers end-to-end communication services, from strategic planning to writing and execution.

Going beyond employee engagement, Frasier Solutions will amplify your stories with a creative and multi-channel approach and partner with your team from strategy to delivery — without the full-time headcount cost.

Contact Information: | | 303-620-6937

Casey Hall

Having a healthy sensuality is as important as every other aspect of health and it deserves as much focus, time and respect. Casey, a Healthy Sensuality Coach, will help you regulate your nervous system, connect with your body and access daily pleasures so that you can live a life with more joy, presence, play and fulfillment.

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Alyssa Locher

Alyssa is a writer and content marketer based in Chicago, IL. She's been writing her whole life, but what used to be scribbled stories on construction paper is now her career. She has a B.A. in Professional Writing and has spent her career writing for digital environments—websites, email, video, in-app, you name it. She's built content strategy plans from the ground up and learned to craft her written voice for the right audience, at the right time, with the right piece of content. Work with Alyssa.

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Jill Sansom

Jill, Owner of Indigo On Main, Yoga instructor, Reiki Master & Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, offers group, private and corporate classes in yoga and movement at Indigo on Main and on location. Custom sessions integrated with Reiki healing and nutritional health coaching are also offered. Come experience a  group class at Indigo On Main with Jill or one of the  studio partners, or custom create one with Jill.  

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Mandy Ullerich

Squash Blossom Design and Frequency Vitality

Mandy is a graphic designer and photographer. She is passionate about holistic modalities and loves integrating her work with other like-minded individuals. When Mandy isn’t designing logos, websites or other marketing materials, she spends her time teaching people about frequency medicine.

Contact Information: | | 303-257-3019